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OVERNIGHT Direct Service Professional


  • Be 21 years of age or older (per our Insurance required guidelines)
  • Pass a drug screening, as well as random drug screens throughout employment as we are a drug free environment
  • Pass a local Law (with most current county you have resided in for a year)
  • Pass a FDLE and FBI background check
  • Have a valid Florida Driver License with a good driving record
  • Have a High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Have one year’s verifiable work experience with people with disabilities, child care, education, or the medical field.


Responsible for providing supervision and training for people with disabilities in a residential setting. This position requires an aware staff person who stays alert at all times — NO SLEEPING!


  • Friday: 9 pm overnight through Saturday 9 am
  • Saturday: 9 am overnight through Sunday 9 am
  • Sunday: 9 am overnight through Monday 9 am


  • Create a congenial and home like atmosphere within the community residence.
  • Promotes maximum independence of each resident.
  • Facilitates opportunities for residents to be involved in community activities such as shopping, leisure and religious activities as stated on activity schedule.
  • Supervises and prepares nutritious meals stated on menu.
  • Assist each resident in developing attitudes and behavior appropriate to community living.
  • Be supportive and encourage each resident's participation in the day training or vocational program prescribed.
  • Protect each resident's rights and freedoms and maintain confidentiality of personal information concerning the individual, in accordance with the Bill of Rights of Retarded Persons.
  • Report any unusual incidents to the Residential Home Manager.
  • Report suspected abuse or neglect.
  • Maintain facility and client records.
  • Provide for proper storage and handling of drugs and medicines. Assist the resident by making medications available and reminding the client to take them at the appropriate times.
  • Provide for or assist in transportation for residents to and from place of employment, personal appointments, and for recreational and other events.
  • Assist residents in communication with their families.
  • Assist residents in handling of money and making and keeping appointments when indicated.
  • Ensures opportunity for resident privacy.
  • Responsible for household duties as assigned on duty calendar.
  • Participate in monthly fire evacuation drills and all disaster drills with proper documentation of same.
  • Maintain a safe environment.
  • Avoid the exploitation of any resident.
  • Supervise and participate in routine household maintenance. Ensures cleanliness of house/grounds.
  • Assist in the on-going assessment of client progress
  • Assist each resident as needed with self care and grooming needs.
  • Provide physical assistance to client as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Pay rate is $14 per hour.

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