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Group Home Supervisor


  • Be 21 years of age or older (per our Insurance required guidelines)
  • Pass a drug screening, as well as random drug screens throughout employment as we are a drug free environment
  • Pass a local Law (with most current county you have resided in for a year)
  • Pass a FDLE and FBI background check
  • Have a valid Florida Driver License with a good driving record
  • Have a High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Have one year’s verifiable work experience with people with disabilities, child care, education, or the medical field.


  • Supervises Direct Service Professionals assigned to the group home.
  • Creates a congenial and home like atmosphere within the community residence.
  • Promotes maximum independence of each resident.
  • Facilitates opportunities for residents to be involved in community activities such as shopping, leisure, and religious activities.
  • Supervises and prepares nutritious meals, to include ensuring up to date menus are approved and in place for staff to utilize.
  • Monitors the home to ensure all medications have been administered correctly, money is accounted for and all rules and regulations are followed as outlined in 65G-2
  • Ensure that all residents property is inventoried at least two times per year. With all electronic items having a picture and serial number for reporting of stolen merchandise.
  • Ensure all vehicles assigned to the group homes are cleaned every week and ensure all rules in procedures are followed.
  • Be prepared for annual licensing and monthly monitoring by The Agency for Persons with Disabilities.
  • Be prepared for monitoring by Delmarva Foundation.
  • Assist each resident in developing attitudes and behaviors appropriate to community living.
  • Be supportive and encourages each resident’s participation in the day training or program prescribed.
  • Protects each resident's rights and freedoms and maintains confidentiality of personal information concerning the consumer, in accordance with the Bill of Rights of Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Persons.
  • Reports any unusual incidents to the Program Director immediately.
  • Reports suspected abuse and neglect.
  • Maintains facility and consumer records. Maintain program documentation. Ensures accuracy. Submits for billing in required time frame. Ensures all information is input in Therap Software daily.
  • Ensure accuracy of employee teletime for payroll daily and approve bi-weekly for all assigned staff.
  • Ensure weekly schedules are posted and reflect the appropriate hours required for Residential Habilitation. The required amount of staff hours must be fulfilled by the manager.
  • Provides for proper storage, and handling of drugs and medicines. Orders medications as needed. Assists the resident by making medications available and reminding the client to take them at the appropriate times.
  • Schedule and assists in transportation for residents to and from place of employment, personal appointments (medical and dental) and for recreational and other events.
  • Encourages appropriate family involvement and visitation.
  • Assists residents in handling money and making and keeping appointments when indicated.
  • Ensures opportunity for resident privacy.
  • Participates in monthly fire evacuation drills and all disaster drills with proper documentation of same.
  • Maintains a safe environment.
  • Avoids the exploitation of any resident.
  • Supervises and participates in routine household maintenance. Ensures cleanliness of home.
  • Assists in the on-going assessment of resident's progress.
  • Provide physical assistance to consumers as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Salary is $35,568 per year, position includes opportunity to participate in group health, dental, vision and other insurance benefits, plus sick and vacation leave, paid holidays.

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