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Full Time Rest Area Attendant


1. Clean restrooms thoroughly and regularly, walk-through every 30 minutes.
2. Replenish toilet tissue, as needed.
3. Empty garbage maximum of 34 pounds, as needed.
4. Sweep, mop floors as needed.
5. Keep water fountain clean.
6. Keep foyer area clean.
7. Keep curbs clean.
8. Keep grounds free of litter.
9. Weed and remove trash from flower beds.
10. Keep picnic tables and areas clean.
11. Assist tourist with questions.
12. Notify supervisor of problems.
13. Perform detail duties as required.
14. Keep storage room organized and locked.
15. Keep garbage area neat and clean.
16. Close restrooms in emergencies.
17. Water lawn as needed.
18. Ensure personal appearance is neat, well groomed, and in full uniform.
19. Other duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications:

Ability to follow directions and work independently. Physical stamina to perform job requirements. Must have transportation. Able to use telephone. Good attitude.

  • First Federal Bank
    First Federal Bank
  • Okefenoke Rural Electric
    Okefenoke Rural Electric
  • Pilgrims
  • John Kasak
    John Kasak
  • McCrimmons Office Supply
    McCrimmons Office Supply
  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee
  • Florida Power & Light
    Florida Power & Light
  • SVEC
  • Walt's Live Oak
    Walt's Live Oak
  • Poole Realty
    Poole Realty
  • Daniel Crapps Agency
    Daniel Crapps Agency
  • Marable Company
    Marable Company