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Direct Service Professional

High School Diploma. One year of care-giving experience (proof required). Ability to supervise and train clients and coordinate activities. Possesses valid Florida driver's license. Good driving record. Self-starter, highly motivated. Good reading and writing skills. Strong desire to work with people with disabilities. Capable of operating independently and following directions. Can work flexible hours when needed. Can get the job done. Maintains first aid/cpr and aids/contagious disease certification. Education may substitute.


Responsible for training and supervising clients in the assigned service. Assures quality control of assigned projects. Assists supervisor in the performance of his/her duties. Works in assigned areas. Serves as a "utility staff" when needed.

1. Trains clients in assigned areas.
2. Properly supervises clients, ensuring proper conduct and safety. Does not allow clients to leave within sight and/or sound unless specifically approved by the supervisor.
3. Responsible for maintenance and care of assigned equipment and vehicles.
4. Participates in goal setting with clients as required. Implements activities to help individual reach projected goals and documents same.
5. Anticipates and solves problems.
6. Maintain proper inventory of needed supplies. Provides security for same.
7. Sets an example personal hygiene and dress. Assists clients with personal needs as required. Reviews clients dress and hygiene daily.
8. Motivates in a positive way. Treats individuals served in a dignified, normal manner.
9. Maintains high levels of cleanliness in assigned areas.
10. Communicates problems to supervisor.
11. Ensures proper job orientation for each person served.
12. Maintains high standards of conduct.
13. Maintains high level of quality control.
14. Responsible for transporting clients on community inclusion activities.
15. Provide physical assistance to client in transferring, toileting, feeding etc. as needed. (requires lifting)
16. Performs other duties as required.

REPORTS TO: See Employment Letter
Director of Programs

SALARY RANGE: Up to $15//hour

  • First Federal Bank
    First Federal Bank
  • Okefenoke Rural Electric
    Okefenoke Rural Electric
  • Pilgrims
  • John Kasak
    John Kasak
  • McCrimmons Office Supply
    McCrimmons Office Supply
  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee
  • Florida Power & Light
    Florida Power & Light
  • SVEC
  • Walt's Live Oak
    Walt's Live Oak
  • Poole Realty
    Poole Realty
  • Daniel Crapps Agency
    Daniel Crapps Agency
  • Marable Company
    Marable Company