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Unfortunately, we have discontinued this program. We will no longer accept cartridges after 2/28/2021.

A Chance to Benefit The Arc and the Earth!

The Arc North Florida, Inc. is accepting your empty, unused, or remanufactured cartridges! We will recycle them for you, so you can know that you are helping your community be greener, without the hassle.

If you would like to donate cartridges on behalf of a business, and you are in the local area (Live Oak and Jasper) please call the main office at 386-362-7143 (ext. 0) to arrange a scheduled cartridge pickup. Otherwise, please feel free to drop off any of your cartridges to our front office and we will gladly take care of them for you.

As a third, distanced option, please reach out to us to discuss receiving prepaid shipping labels in order to send your cartridges directly while still benefitting our individuals.

Types of cartridges that we accept:

Inkjet or Laser (or anything in between)

Name Brand (HP, Dell, Xerox, Lexmark, etc.)

Remanufactured (LD, Staples, Coast to Coast, compatible cartridges, and cartridges that are a part of a recycling program) 

Thank you for taking part of this wonderful opportunity to be green!

You can also email us here with questions about our recycling programs.