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Client Services

  • Gift Boxes

    Your customers are sure to return and bring their friends when they receive a well designed gift with a sincere Thank You note from your business. Our team of qualified workers have eight plus years of experience organizing, assembling, boxing and mailing custom made Gift Boxes for businesses like yours. Call us today and let The Arc North Florida provide you with a quote to develop that one-of-a-kind gift that will have your customers telling all their friends about your organization.

  • Envelope Stuffing

    We are ready, willing and able to meet your business needs. We have the ability to place inserts, stuff envelopes, sort, and label, collate, and mail-ready your items. Save time and money by outsourcing to us to help your business grow. If you’ll do business with our ready workforce, you’ll reduce the time of your next job set-up, lower your labor costs, and eliminate Workman’s Compensation headaches.

  • Paper Shredding

    We have a passion for paper shredding. Whether you have old records and files to destroy or just want to get rid of that mountain of paper that has been growing in your home or office. We respect your privacy and are ready to provide you with a free quote and will be happy to schedule that first pick-up.

    **We are now recycling shredded paper!** If you have some already shredded, please keep us in mind by donating it to The Arc North Florida. You can also continue to use our shredding services to properly discard those unwanted important documents.

  • Recycle; Ink Cartridges & Electronics

    The Arc North Florida clients and staff are actively involved in collecting and recycling ink cartridges, used cell phones, digital cameras, and old laptops. Contact us at (386) 362-7143 to discuss pick up or to locate one of our drop off boxes.

    We also have a way to securely and confidentially dispose of your old electronic items while helping to clean up the local environment. Usable, as well as broken printers, computers, dvd players, mainframes, servers, ups units and batteries are just some of the hundreds of items that you can dispose through The Arc’s program. For every item that is recycled through our recycling partner, Southeastern Data, a percentage of the resulting revenue will be given to The Arc North Florida to help them provide services to people in the area with some of the greatest needs. For more information on what electronics can be recycled, contact Southeastern Data at 407-971-4654 or When making your donation, be sure to mention that you'd like your gift to benefit The Arc North Florida and any processing fees will be waived.

  • Recycle; Cardboard

    Don't forget to save & bring us your cardboard; pizza boxes, toilet paper, paper towel and wrapping paper tubes, food packaging, shoe boxes, drink boxes, ink cartridges and toner boxes, facial tissue boxes, cell phone boxes, old notebook & binder covers, of course shipping boxes & so much more, ALL cardboard.

    Drop areas are currently our Adult Day Training Centers; Baker, Hamilton and Suwannee.

Please call the office (386) 362-7143 or email about these services.